Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekly Update #58

   From the extremely sunny land of Thurso, hello!
     This week was a blast. It started off right proper with some service on Monday. While doing service, this lady asked us if we could do some service for her. So we said yes, of course. That was Monday. We were on a roof most of the day. It was sunny. I got a little bit sunburnt.
     Tuesday we rocked and rolled with a District Meeting followed by yet more service! Crazy! We did some gluing on the roof and also visited the lady we met on Monday. She's nice. We helped her a bit with her lawn mower and some of her front garden issues. We got them sorted out, because we know how to do work. Anywho, that was Tuesday.
     Wednesday was looking to be a bit of a slower day. We went out to Wick, visited a less-active lady out there, and then went to another less-active's house to do some measurements for a fence they would like in their garden. We got it measured up when we did some more service! So, we mowed their garden and they were so pleased that they fed us. Marvelous exchange, methinks. Good deal for them.
     Thursday we went back to the lady's house because her mower was broken again. It turned out to be a battery issue. Anywho, we had to borrow some tools to do a bit of landscaping in her garden as well, and as we were returning them, we were blessed to do some service at a croft! We rocked it. Totally did. Unplanned service to the max.

     Friday we did some GQing around Thurso. That was neat. We then looked for a mower battery and wood prices. We eventually found them at a lumberyard in Wick, so we were able to do an estimate of what it would cost, because Wynder's a pro at building things for stage stuff and I was taught in learning after the manner of my father to a degree. It was epic. We did a great job. We also GQed a bit around Wick, too. Foudn R2-D2. Pretty neat.

     Saturday was service Saturday! At the charity shop, we did some incredible work. We were also invited to a volunteer's meeting get-together thingme in June! Whaaaat?! Spectacular. Elder Wynder also became the awkward avoidance viking for a bit. Anywho, after we went to the croft and power-washed their barn. We did it like we were the best. Because we are. After that, we did a bit more small, odd jobs on the croft and then that was that.

     Sunday was incredible, too. Saying this week was incredible is an incredibly large understatement. Words cannot describe the incredibility of this week, that's how it was! It was the best! I loved it! Church was grand, too. Elder Wynder spoke, we met with some folks, and then we had a coordination meeting, ate some foodstuffs, GQed a bit, and that was our Sabbath.
     Wow. This week. F'reals. It was crazy.
     With someone we're working with, I learned a bit of a lesson I would love to share. Often, people will do things that might offend you, might damage your view of them, or do some other negative thing. There's a less-active lady we're working with who has had such problems and it is keeping her from progressing. What I learned, is that when someone apologizes, for anything, you better forgive them and not remind them or anyone else of that wrong again. We've all done things that are 'stupid'. I am definitely not blameless, but I will say I am sorry for what wrongs I have done.
     The end. Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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