Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekly Update #55

 Hello, hello everyone! A wonderful winter wonderland is what Thurso is today! Plenty of snow outside. Fun times, fun times. Anywho, let's cover what's what.

     Last Monday it was spent heading back up to Thurso, eating kebabs, and doing a bit of GQing about Thurso as well. Pretty good day. Selfie of Elder Wynder, Sorenson, Roach, and me. 

     Tuesday we had a District Meeting, always fun. After that, we went about and chatted with some folks, did a bit of work, and then headed to Wick to meet with a less-active. On the way there, she texted saying she couldn't meet, so we tried by another less-active who let us in and we had a wonderful chat with him. It was grand.

     Wednesday we spent most of the day in Thurso, GQing and doing other bits and whatnot. It was grand. In the evening, the youth invited us to their youth night, so we went and we had an absolute blast! 

     Thursday we started off heading over to another less-active's house and had a grand lesson over there with her. When I first met her, she was pretty so-so with the gospel and whatnot, but now she is solid! It's incredible to see how she's grown and became legendary. After her, we went to another lesson with the less-active who had to cancel. That was good. We then traveled back to Thurso and did some work there to close out the night.

     Friday we started off heading about Thurso and as we were getting ready to head to Castletown for a lesson, the recent convert we were to meet with had to cancel. Fortunately, our Branch Mission Leader had texted us asking if we were good to come by for a coordination meeting. We had the chance to say 'yes' and in the evening we had a good coordination meeting.

     Sometimes, when we get bored in the evenings, we dress up in our kilt get-ups. Just for fun. 

     We're so classy.

     Saturday was another grand service Saturday! We got some good work done at the charity shop and then we had the wonderful expirience to bus out to where the croft is where we do service. That was an expirience. There were several times where I thought the bus had passed Skarfskerry or we had totally missed the right bus, but we were on the right bus and we did get to the croft for service. Service was grand there. I caught a chicken, too.

     Sunday was incredible. We went to church, it's a lovely twenty or so minute walk there, and the meetings were grand. After the meetings, we had some time to do some work about Thurso then head over to the Branch President's house for a dinner. His family is excellent! Like, it was some grand craic there! We had a lovely conversation, a fantastic dinner, and a capital message. It was great, kid you not.

     And that was this week! It's been pretty fun going around on foot and bus. Reminds me of the last two areas I served. Grand ol' times. This mission is a good mission. I love it. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else but right here, in Thurso, right now. So fantastic. Hey, ya'll have a good week now! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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