Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekly Update #53

  Yep. No clue how it fell behind three weeks, all I know is that it did. So... Yep. 

     Hello everybody! A happy time from Thurso to all ya'll! This week was a blast, it's always a blast!

     Monday was great! The rest of Monday we ran around in some woods taking pictures and having an enjoyable P-day! Fun, fun, fun! We didn't see any Iron Age ruins, but we found a Copper Age ruin! Here's a picture of a carved eagle we found in the woods as well. 

The eagle was much more excellent than the ruins.

     Tuesday was our last District Meeting before moves call. It was a good meeting. After, we had lunch, did a bit of work, traveled about, tried by some folks, and had an overall good day, methinks.

     Wednesday was yet another good day! What's up with these good days? No clue. Anywho, it was a working day and we met with a less active lady. It was fun. There's too much fun working, it's not work anymore. 

     Thursday morning we went about and did some GQing and whatnot. In the afternoon we went and did some service with members. I mowed a garden and got to do some lawn work. Now that, was really fun. It's been a long time since I've done something like that and I enjoyed it. Plus I think the garden looks super good now. On the way home, though, I hit a bunny. Instead of showing a picture of that, here's a selfie of me on the croft!

     Friday we weekly planned, had lunch, did some other work, visited another less active lady and played chess, tried by a less active fellow, and then closed the night with some GQing and other business items. The chess game was intense. Just about as intense as the following lesson. You know it's a good chess game when it's intensity can match a lesson. 

     Saturday was a service Saturday! At the charity shop we sorted clothes. We then had a quick lunch and went to the croft. It was a marvelous time on the croft. We de-rusted a trailer and we got a fair bit of it done. It looks great. That's what happens when you work hard, things work great! Also it was my year mark. Whoooo.

     Sunday was moves call and church. We went to church, had some great lessons and conversations, had choir practice, and then after went to a branch coordination meeting. That was great. After that, we went to the flat to break our fast and have dinner and we got our moves call. The dynamic duo will be staying together to rock out another six weeks in Thurso! Hurrah! Gonna be a blast! And we selfied with Oma. 

Anywho, we tried by some folks after that and called it a night.

     What a grand week! Moral of this week, to me at least, is that if you're working hard and doing your best it's gonna show. Things will happen that will show it. That is a promise, practically a law which cannot be broken. 

     Anywho, less than a year left! Thank you all for the support! Have a grand ol' week and do many grand things! Cheers!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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