Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekly Update #78

Another week, another lovely morning!

     Monday was grand, like. We biked out and about to Carlingford to see this castle, but it was being fixed up so it was closed. That was a shame. But, we found a Leprechaun  place in the town and also, I found my favorite rock of all time. 

What a great rock, picture attached. Anyways, we biked back from there and it took a good while and it was grand!

     Tuesday was moves day, so we had a normal day. We tried to meet with this friend in town, it was good, and then we also did some good finding. Good time, I'd say. Anywho, that was Tuesday.

     Wednesday we rocked it out with a usual day of finding, GQing, chapping, and all that good craic. We had a good time, too. It was nice. In the evening, we taught one of our friends and had a good conversation with him there.

     Thursday was especially epic. We had some fun with fruit in the morning and the fruit was cut up by the end of companionship study. We may or may not have played fruit ninja.

Anywho, after that we GQed town, went to the bus station, went up to Newry to do some finding and to meet with some members there, who were all fantastic, let me say. After that wonderful day, the day was done and it was good. Good day.

     Friday we weekly planned, heading into town and got some good craic done. We met with one of our friends, had a nice time, and then did the usual rounds of finding. Lots and lots and lots of finding to be done. That was the day.

     Saturday we rocked out with some finding in the morning and another meeting with a friend. After, we had a good lunch, went about town, and watched the first hour of General Conference, which was fantastic! After the hour, we taught another lesson and by then the day was done.

     Sunday was a day of conference. We watched some 7 hours of conference and did finding inbetween. It was a blast. I loved conference this year, President Utchdorf's first talk was marvelous, Elder Juan Uceda's talk was excellent as well, and then I loved what President Monson had to say about the Word of Wisdom. Isn't it great that there's a prophet on the earth today? I think so!

     That was this week. Pretty fun, pretty grand, can't complain! Saw a rainbow in Newry, so we've got some time to get some work done!

Let's get working, friends.

     Thank you all for the support and encouragement! Hopefully you all have a great week! Please do. 

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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