Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekly Update #81

 Great week this week! Been a fun week, been a good week, I'm satisfied with this week.

     The rest of Monday we went out and about and closed up our P-day by doing some finding, which is always fun.

     On Tuesday we woke up extra-early to be in Dublin early for a Zone Meeting. This was me on the train at 6 in the morning. That was neat, it was fun, and we learned some good things. After that, Elder Plewe and I had to boost off to Dundalk. We did and we finished up the day with some more finding and going to a little Branch study night. It was pretty great.

     Wednesday we went out and about to GQ the town in the morning and then headed to this part of town we thought would also be good for GQing. It wasn't as promising, so we started chapping and my goodness, it was pure gold! Turns out it's a housing estate for college people and a ton of solid people were there. To say the least, most of our finding this week was in that estate. In the evening, we visited this fellow who we chapped into and had a nice discussion with him to close out the evening.

     Thursday was good, too! We GQed the town and then went back to the neighborhood to do some more finding, which turned out to be insane again. After, we tried by this less-active fellow, met with him, and had a nice discussion with him. Then, we closed the evening out by weekly planning. Good and safe evening.

     On Friday we GQed the town then went down to Drogheda to meet with a member. Selfie from Drogheda. 

That was fantastic because he cooked up some incredible venison! It was great, I was a fan. After that, we bused back, did some more finding around the town, and then went back home for the rest of the evening.

     Saturday was a special day. On Saturday, we did more finding in that blessed neighborhood, set up several appointments, and then headed out and around to visit some people we had met with earlier, but sadly they misled us and missed out on getting the gospel by giving us false addresses. Shame, shame.

     Sunday was great! We had a fantastic lesson during church with one of our friends and had a pretty grand time. After, we did some great work around with administrative work and then closed out the evening by heading back to that estate and were let in to teach a lesson to some folks who are having us back today! Grand!

     This week has been grand, let me say! Good times, nice times, I'm ready for what's to come! Thank you all for what you've done! Hey, you all need to have a great day and a great week!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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