Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weekly Update #80

  Good lovely morning from Dundalk! What a lovely morning it is, too! The week wasn't as lovely weather wise, but who cares? It's Ireland.

     The rest of Monday was good. We took it slow and relaxed a bit, having a good time there.  We traveled down in the evening to Dublin so we can get heading to an All-Ireland Conference the next day. It was grand.

     Tuesday we went to the conference! It was excellent! I loved every moment of it. Plus, I got to see Elder Roylance! I missed out on a selfie with him, though. On the way back, we got Boojums and had a grand time with it!

     Wednesday we heading out and we chapped like some mad bosses, after GQing in the morning. It was a long day of chapping, but we did it and it was grand and all.

     Thursday was much the same. In the evening, we weekly planned and it was neat. That was good as we did. And night-time selfie just because it's getting dark at like six now.

     Friday was grand, too. We did a ton of finding in the morning and then in the evening we taught some of our friends. After that, we left and met another one of our friends on the street who invited us over for dinner! That was great, let me say. Good time there.

     Saturday, finding, finding, finding, finding! And some more finding. That was Saturday. Night-time picture of Dundalk, too.

     Church on Sunday was great, too. We went out and about and did some finding afterwards, which was excellent. Good times, overall.

     That was this week! Plenty of finding, plenty of talking to people, hopefully all goes good in this lovely town. That's the dream, that's the goal. Hopefully!

     Hopefully you all have a great week! Thank you all for the support and whatnot, take care!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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