Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekly Update #85

 A good lovely morning from the Island of Shetland! It's gotten cold, let me say. Not quite as windy as it was last week, but it has gotten cold! But here's what's what for this week.

     The rest of Monday was great! We went to an old fort in Lerwick after shopping. But then, we went into this music store, and in the back was a saxophone. An alto saxophone. I inquired about it, the fellow took it down, handed it to me, asked if I played it, I said of course, and then he gave me a reed and away I went! It was so, so, so, so, soooooooooooooooo good! I loved it. After that, we had a grand meal with some members. Always good, always epic.

     Tuesday we went out and about, did some work and what not. We went by and visited some friends. At one of their houses, we were asked to play some music. Sadly, there was no saxophone there, but I derped about on the piano and this recorder thing. We ended up singing some Christmas songs and killing some baby reindeer in the process. For those who don't know, I (personally, partially as a joke) hold a belief that when Christmas music is played before Thanksgiving, a baby reindeer dies. Just for fun. We then had a decent rest of the evening doing a wee bit of service and whatnot.

     Wednesday we went to a quilting club as per request of a member. It was held at the church and it was pretty fun! I was taught how to knit, just like the vikings. To say the least, I think I'm pretty decent at it so far. I don't know a whole lot of it, but I know enough to know I'm not totally failing at it! Anywho, after that, we got on the ferry early to go down to Aberdeen for a Zone Interview Training meeting. We found an old boat on the way.

 We had to get on early because it was supposed to be stormy. And it was. The ferry ride was pretty turbulent and pretty fun! I enjoyed the few hours I was awake for it. 

     Then Thursday morning we docked in Aberdeen, met with the elders in the Orkney Islands, and got a lift to the meeting. The meeting was great! I still felt like there was a gentle rocking motion going on from the ferry. Elder Stevens and Arave from my MTC group were there, so picture.

 We had to leave right as it was over so we could get back on the ferry to Shetland. We barely caught the ferry and then we were off. The ferry ride up was incredibly smooth! No rocking! What a blessing.

     Friday morning we docked back in Lerwick. I still felt like I was on the ferry most of the day. But we got right back to work. We visited one of our friends, had a nice time there, then visited another of our friends. Also, a nice time. We invited him and his two kids to a class the next day at the church, they came and it was neat. To close it out, we had  a wonderful meal at a member's house. So grand.

     Saturday was also a grand day. Granted, I still felt like I was on the ferry, but this was the last day I did! In the morning, Elder Giles taught a karate/tai-kwan-do class. That was neat. I participated. After that, we had some service we went out and did in town, then in the evening we went to the youth club for volunteering. That was great. Good day.

     Sunday was good, too. We went to church, Elder Giles gave a talk, and then we had a pot-luck after meetings. That was great. I got more familiar with most of the members, which is always a good thing. After that, we did a wee bit of work, some planning for the week, and then visited a friend who had us by for most of the rest of the evening. Great craic, like. 

     This week was great! It is really, really crazy to think about that number at the top. It is fantastic, though. I have loved every minute of this. What a blessing!

     Thank you all for your support! Have a great week! Please do!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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