Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekly Update #86

   Good morning from lovely Lerwick! Let me break it down, now ya'll.

     The rest of Monday was grand, we went to St. Ninan's Isle, which is connected to Shetland by a sand bar. It was sweet! There's pictures, of course.

It was a blast. We then saw a few other old things around Shetland and then had family home evening and did our weekly shopping. Good times.

     Tuesday was a District Meeting. We Skyped in and it was fun. 'Twas a pleasant meeting. After, we did a bit of work around town, visited with a friend and had a decent chat with him. After, we had a meeting with this fellow about a Chess group in Lerwick. Elder Giles and I were curious. That went well.

     Wednesday we did some work in the morning and then popped into the knitting group, which was neat. After, we went to the same friend as Tuesday and met with him some more. That was pleasant. We then had a dinner with a fantastic family. Always good. 

     Thursday we started off with some work around town, then went to a chippy for lunch on Thanksgiving. After that, we did a bit of work around town some more, then went to the Van Der Tols for dinner. They are an amazing family. After that, we tried to see the Norther Lights, but there were clouds where we were. One of these days I'll see them. Missed them in Thurso, but I'll get them here!

     Friday we did some work for a parade that was on Saturday. We went and did some painting on Santa's sleigh and then did a bit of work about town. After having a jolly time doing so, we returned to continue to help make the sleigh, setting it up and doing some decorating. It's pretty neat. We also had "Thanksgiving Dinner" on this day.

     Saturday was grand, as well. We went about doing some work in the morning then watched the parade. It was grand! There were vikings in this parade. Everything in Shetland has vikings, which makes it pretty swell.

The only bummer was that after taking the pictures and whatnot, my camera broke. Welp, gg all. Gg. It should be fine. In the evening we went to the Youth Cafe and had a fantastic time there. I enjoyed it.

     Sunday was good, too! We went to church, had a blast there, and then visited by a member who was a wee bit under the weather. He's one of my favorites. He leaves us Jame's Bond voicemails. He's grand! We visited him and then went to the MacDonald's (Not McDonalds, MacDonalds) for a dinner, which was great. 

     Today, is going to be epic. We have, for the first time people can remember, four elders in Shetland. Elder Arave and Harvey are up from Orkney to exchange with us. It's going to be grand! We've got good things planned. They leave on Wednesday and came in this morning. Should be the best, ever, of all time.

     Thank you all! Have a fantastic week! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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