Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekly Update #62

Good morning from the wonderful land of Livingston! It was half sunny, half cloudy, good exchange and I cannae argue! Here's how my week went!

     Monday we did P-day activities! We went about, went to the big shopping 'Centre' in our area and then returned to chap on some doors. It was alright, can't really complain. We were also in some spooky woods, so spooky selfie. 

     Tuesday we woke up early and went out and about to go to Edinburgh for a Zone Interview Training. That was a blast. Saw some grand elders there, had an epic time, and it was good. After, we went back to Livingston by train, had a lovely dinner with Anne, and then went about with a member to visit and try-by less-active members. That was enjoyable. One of them was in, so we had a pleasant conversation with her. Overall, pretty grand!

     Wednesday we went out, bright and early, and chapped. We did that most of Wednesday, having lunch and then going to a lesson in a park. The investigator is going to Moscow this week so, hopefully we can see her after her trip. Hopefully. After that, we had dinner at another member's house and got to know them, had a good dinner, and it was grand. After that, we did some more chapping, because chapping is chapping! 

     Thursday we weekly planned, like usual. After, we GQed out, worked on our progress record, GQed back and visited the Reids, a fantastic family. Jimmy is a real character. He's the best. After that, we did some more chapping, tried by some folks, and that was the night!

     On Friday we did more chapping! That was sort of enjoyable. The sun wasn't out, so it was a bit cooler (temperature wise, not relating to quality). We also did some chapping with Altair, the cat, because he followed us around for most of the morning's doors.

 After, we had lunch and did more chapping through the day. It was alright, had a decent time, too.

     Saturday, we chapped. Chapping, chapping, and chapping. After that, we had lunch and then went out to Bathgate, another town in our area. That was fun. It's a neat place, we'll be going back today for charity shopping. After that, we went to our Ward Mission Leader's house, Cameron, and had a meal and a coordination meeting with him. That was fabulous.

     Sunday I had the blessing to give a talk in church! That was fun. It's always fun to talk and such. After the meetings, we went to get lunch and then went out and about with Cameron to do some try-bys. That was alright, didn't see anyone but we had a decent experience. After, we had dinner at a family's house, did some good work there, and then visited some other people. By the end of the day, it was the end of the day.

     Livingston is a happening place, let me say. It's fun, so far. Plenty of work, plenty of food, plenty of good times ahead. I can't argue. We have a tomato and pepper plant, Giuseppe and Rodriguez. 

     Hopefully you all have a fantastic week! Thanks for everything, have a grand week!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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