Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekly Update #65

Excitement, adventure, miracles! All have happend in this last week in Livingston!

     Monday was grand-like. We had a dinner with a Chinese member and met his wife, too. That was enjoyable. We then tried by some less actives for the rest of the evening with another member. Pretty good. We also made some Kool-Aide, but we didn't have a pitcher big enough.... So... Kool-Aide in a dish...

     Tuesday was the last District Meeting of this transfer. We met, had a good time, was spiritually filled, then got back to work. We chapped a small subdivision and talked with some of the folks there and then met with Cameron for some administrative work. We then went to Brandon and Louise's place for a dinner to close out the night. That was lovely and exciting. They're a grand couple.

     Wednesday we rocked and rolled out with more admin work. It's actually really good we got all this work done, you'll see why at the end. We also had a hot dog from the legendary Dan the Hot Dog Man, hashtag. After that, we tried by a lady, she wasn't in, then we went to Whitburn for a meal. That was AMAZING! She had chicken, wrapped in bacon, stuffed with haggis. That was incredible! That was exciting, let me say. 

     Thursday we weekly planned. That was grand, as it always is, and then we went to a member's house to do some weeding in her garden. There's a lot of weeds to remove, but we've gotten rid of a ton of them. We're professionals by now. After that, we went to the church and met with an investigator, taught a lesson, then went to the ward snooker night. That was fantastic, let me say there. I learned that I am not good at snooker, nor pool, only on the Wii. 

     Friday we had a breakfast with Anne and one of her friends! That was enjoyable, I liked that. After that, we continued our admin work. After completing it, we went about to meet with Brandon a bit and have some activities with him, his dad, and some of his friends. That was epic. After, we went to the church to remember the Battle of the Somme. It was a battle in WWI and the Ward put on this demonstration and it was lovely. I really enjoyed it. After, we ended the night.

     Saturday was a special day, it was the day we did incredible work! We went out in the morning and tried by some folks. We were let into a house and we taught a lesson. That was crazy. After, we were walking and met this fellow on the street. We had a fantastic conversation with him and then tried by several people who the past missionaries used to teach. We found them and we set up appointments to meet with them again! Grand! After that, we had a dinner with a member and ate some kebabs. Delicious. Then we did a wee bit of chapping to close out the night.

     Sunday was the day of moves call. We went to church, had a blast there, and as we were leaving, this fellow went up to a member and the member led him over to us. He had some questions, so we sat down, talked with him, and taught a lesson and we'll be seeing him later today. Wow. That, that was fantastic. After that, we went about a wee bit, visited a few member families, a bird sat on my head, and then returned to our flat for dinner. While on the way back we got moves call.

     Elder Arave and I, a dream team, will be separated. Elder Arave is heading way up high, to the tip of Scotland, Thurso. I am off to Dundalk in Ireland. I am so excited for this. I loved Ireland and I'm excited to go back. I am sort of sad to leave Livingston, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, y'know. That's that. We're being replaced by sister missionaries, so we need to clean the flat today and there's plenty to be done. 

     What a week! What journey lies ahead? A fantastic one. One where I'll once again be with the Irish. It will be great. Grand, even! 

     Thank you all for your support and help! 

    By the way, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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