Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Weekly Update #67

     Good lovely Monday morning from Dundalk! This week was something else, let me say that!

     To kick it off, we taught several people on Monday, which is always a pleasant surprise and totally excellent as well. It went grand, met some great people.

     Tuesday was our first District Meeting of the transfer. It was grand meeting the other Missionaries in our district. After that, we trained back to Dundalk and got right to work. We met with five people on Tuesday. It was insane. Elder Corcran taught a lesson on the street, which is always one of the best things ever. He's a champion.

     Wednesday morning we had a flat check, and we passed, so our flat is in perfect, beautiful condition. After that, we got right out to work talking with a slough of folks and meeting with four people throughout the day. Nothing really exciting happened except for the work we got done. That was neat.

     Thursday we started off strong by GQing most of the morning. After lunch, we had some lessons and then we got a referral from the Elders in Sligo. Now, this story would take far to long to explain, but know that it involves CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), several days of texting, and a sketchy meeting by the Dundalk docks. But we taught three people this day, and it was incredible.

     Friday we went to Drogheda and did some GQing out there. We did not teach anyone on Friday, but we still had a flippin' blast doing good craic! It was fun. It started to rain and we talked to some decent folks. Friday done and dusted.

     Saturday was also a special day. On Saturday we weekly planned, met with three people, and had the sketchy meet-up at the docks. Thrilling story, it really is. You'll find out more about it later. But it was spectacular! But Sunday, was the best.

     So, in missionary work, before someone can get baptised, they need to attend Church services for two or three weeks(based of the missionary's judgement and want of numbers). On Sunday, we had three people attend Church, one of which has agreed to be baptised this Saturday! This is just exciting, let me say. But at church, we had a good time. Elder Corcran gave a talk, we taught the people who came with us to church, and we got some good work done. It was amazing. After church, we continued to teach. By the end of the day, we had taught five people, leaving us with a grand total of twenty one (21) lessons this week. That is phenomenal. We are tearing things up here in Dundalk and we can only see it going uphill. Wow, that's just, wow, amazing.

     Sadly, the only picture I got from it all was when I chopped up a bunch of apples in our back garden with a sword. Sad day.

     This week has been awe-inspiring, let me say. Thank you all for the support and prayers! Best of wishes to you all! Have a grand week!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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