Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekly Update #73

  Top of the morning from Dundalk! Here's a quick weekly update for ya'll!

     This week was grand! For the rest of Monday, we went out and about, did our stuffs, and went down this road we thought would be neat. It was, and we found a grand field! Fun times.

     Tuesday was our first District Meeting of the transfer, and it was fun. We met with our district, which now has sisters which is neat. I haven't had sisters in my district since Terenure, about a year ago. So, that's neat. The rest of Tuesday, we did some finding, and in the evening we met with one of our friends who treated us to some sushi and it was divine! Well worth it and I deeply enjoyed the conversation and thoughts that were shared.

     Wednesday we boogied out to do some more finding and all that fun Jazz. We taught a few lessons here and there, too, and it was a grand day. We found this neat stone altar thing on a riverbed, which is neat. No clue what it means, but it was fun to look at.

     Thursday we weekly planned, did that, and did some finding. It was pleasant. I enjoyed what we did. Nothing really exciting happened, but that's okay.

     Friday we went right out with GQing in the morning. That was fun. We met some incredible people and had some fantastic conversations! In the evening, it was the usual: some finding, a lesson, overall a good time.

     Saturday was a special day. In the morning, this lady approached us and explained how she had met missionaries in Romania and was quick to invite us to visit with her this Friday! Wow! We, of course, agreed. That was a blessing. Then, we did some finding in Blackrock, met some other neat people, and that was the night. We also got this incredible fruit juice drink thing from one of our friends that we meet with. It is sooooo good! F'reals!

     Sunday was incredible, too! We went about, went to church, had a good time there. Then, after lunch, we got a text from one of our friends inviting us to her church services. She had come to one of ours, and we didn't have anything planned, so we agreed. It was an interesting service and gave some interesting insights and perspective on the teachings of Christ. We met some Americans there, too. That's always a plus.

     That was this week! Thank you all for the support and the epicness, keep it up, keep doing good, loving God, and being you! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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