Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekly Update #72

     A lovely, wee bit rainy day here in Dundalk, but what else could you ask for? An epic week? Certainly!

     Monday we went about and did a bit of business before catching a train to Dublin to prepare to get Elder Corcran on the ferry to Scotland.

     Tuesday it was an early start to the day. I woke up 4:30 to head out with Elder Jones, our Zone Leader, to drop off some other missionaries. I then spent the rest of the morning with him. Around noon, we swapped who was with who while we waited for our companions to come over from Scotland and I went with Elder Kitchen. We were freed in Dublin City, so I took a detour to Grafton Street and whatnot and checked out some old things. Me and Elder Kitchen got some American beverages, too.

That was grand. Later, our companions came in and me and Elder Plewe were off to Dundalk to begin an epic companionship.

     Wednesday we got right up into the work. We kicked it off with going to town to show Elder Plewe around after taking care of some business that had to be done in the flat. After that, we started GQing, met some neat people, and then were off to the flat for the evening.

     Thursday we had weekly planning. Like always, it was a blast. After, we had lunch and went off to bike into town to met with this fellow when Elder Plewe's bike broke. So, we walked. A fifteen minute bike ride translates to a forty or so minute walk, fun fact. We went over to the fellow's house, seeing some people on the way, and taught an epic lesson. After that, we walked to town to teach this other fellow. That lesson was grand as well! Then, we walked home for dinner.

     Friday we started off with a few miscellaneous things about our flat then off we went to the city. While in the city, we had a lesson to walk to and I found some Blackberries! 

That was great, I loved that. The lesson was great, too. We did a bit of finding in the evening then that was it.

     Saturday morning we did some chapping. After that, we had some finding to do about in the town. Like always, it was good but also took a wee while. After that, we met with a fellow and taught him a lesson about prayer and then it was time to head back. Walking takes a lot of time.

     Sunday was great, like. We went off to church, had a grand time there, then went out to teach a lesson. After that, we did a bit more chapping to close out the night and that was Sunday done and dusted.

     Today has already been good. We have a lesson scheduled and it should be great!

     Hey, you all have a great week! Take care and do good!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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