Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekly Update #69

Top of the morning to you all from Dublin! Curve ball today as we're in Dublin because of a meeting last night, but that's a story for later. 

     The rest of Monday was great. Had a good time and enjoyed what went on. We went about and took care of what had to be done and that was the day.

     Tuesday we had exchanges and a Zone Meeting. That was a blast. I was with Elder Trease and we went about GQing folks in Dublin. We also taught a few lessons, so that was grand. It was fun being back in Dublin. Granted, I was on the north side of the Liff, but it was still Dublin! 

     Wednesday we traveled back to Dundalk, did a bit of work and GQing and such. It was pretty good. Can't complain about it. 

     Thursday we continued our roll. We weren't able to get in contact with a few of our people, but we still kept on working. It was a decent time. There's no pictures this week because the computer at this internet cafe isn't taking my camera, so next week you'll get somethings from this week.

     Friday we had a doctors appointment for Elder Corcran. His knee's been giving him some problems, and it turns out now that he is to rest for a week and a bit to let the swelling go down and such. So, Friday we were resting in the flat most of the day, but went out to go to a barbecue and to teach a fellow in town. That was fun and that was Friday.

     Saturday we went out and kept resting as doctor prescribed. In the evening, we went to a member's house for an evening meal. It was great, can't complain.

     Sunday, though. Sunday we had some action. While at church, Elder Corcran got a call from our District Leader and we had to travel down to Dublin to have a meeting that night. So, after church we had lunch and traveled down to Dublin for a meeting. It was a fantastic meeting, great things are to come from it. So, we stayed the night in Finglas' flat.

     That was our week. It's pretty slow, this coming week is also going to be a wee bit slow, but it should be good. 

     Grand week, like. Good times ahead. Have a fantastic day, ya'll!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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