Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekly Update #75

 What an almost rainy morning in Dundalk! This week was pretty grand-like, so it was! Let me break it down for ya'll.

     The rest of Monday was incredible! We met one of our friends on the street right after emailing and by virtue of that, we had a lunch together. It was incredible. Then, we visited this Russian chap who is also swell! Like, it's crazy! After, we had a lesson with another one of our friends, which was incredible and certainly a blessing. It was a fantastic Monday. In the evening, we shopped and that was that. Also, I got a hair cut at Sweeney's Barber Shop. 

Yeah. Freak out. It was fan-flipping-tastic.

     On Tuesday, we rocked and rolled out first off with GQing the town centre a wee bit. After that, we had lunch, did some cleaning, and went to chap some places. After chapping, we visited or tried to visit, with a friend and then did more chapping to conclude the night. Pretty fun, pretty good! And then, we had kebabs.

     Then on Wednesday we had another good period of time! We weekly planned, had lunch, and then did some more chapping. After that, we had a dinner, appointment with a friend, and then we taught a less-active. All of those were grand, let me say. I loved it. Then, we caught the train to Dublin for ZIT the next day.

     Thursday was ZIT Day, which was pretty fun. We had some good instructions, guidelines, and whatnot. Pretty good. On the way back, we missed our first train so we had to wait to catch a later train to get back to Dundalk, but we got there! It was good. Also, this is me and Elder Peacock, our District Leader. He's chill.

     When Friday came we rocked and rolled out with Gqing in town, lunch, and then chapping. Always good with chapping. After that, we had a party almost teaching a lesson, but it didn't happen, so we did more chapping! Fun times, I'd say.

     Saturday was another usual day. We met with our friend in the morning, had a conversation and lesson with him, then we had lunch and of course, did some chapping. It was a week full of knocking doors. After, we had a lesson with some friends, and that was the night. Not a lot happened.

     Yesterday, church was grand. Our Russian friend was there and it was nice. Elder Plewe gave a grand lesson in Priesthood, so it was fun. After, we pretty much knocked on a bunch of doors the rest of the day. However, as we were waiting in town for a friend to show up, we saw three tractors blaze on by. To say the least, I was confused, as was Elder Plewe. It threw us off, but it was grand. Nice tractors.

     And that was this week. It's been good, been nice. I've had a nice time. It was very, very nice. But yeah, week said and done. I'm excited for this week, there's some good times ahead.

     Hey, you all are incredible. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work, being champions, and rocking and rolling in whatever you do! Take care, my friends!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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