Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekly Update #99

 A fabulous morning from Scotland to you all.

     This week was good. The rest of Monday we did some sports with some YSA in Stranraer and then we went out and about throughout the rest of the day. It was pretty grand, let's be honest here.

     Tuesday we trained up to Ayr to have District Meeting. That was all fun and we had to wait for a while around Ayr before we caught our train back. Ayr's pretty nice. When we got back, we kept going about and around in town and whatnot. Good day.

     Wednesday we were out in the morning to do some business in town and then we talked to some of the folk around there. In the afternoon, we visited a friend, kept going around and about and then visited another friend to close out the evening. It felt like a short day, but I liked it.


That was the jist of it all. We were around the town for a wee while after and then went to Branch Coordination and had a ball there. The Branch of the Church here is incredibly nice folk. I like them. In the evening we visited another friend and that was the day done.

     Friday was grand as well. After meeting with a fellow in the morning and having a pretty late lunch, we went about the town, chatted to folk, and then had a dinner. The house we went to, oh my goodness. So, the husband has a man cave and it is a man cave. It has Elvis on the wall and all sorts of grand memorabilia! It was epic! Wow! We had fun, to say the least.

     Saturday we went to our Branch mission leader's home to watch their dogs for a wee bit. After that, we had a lunch at the flat and then the Andrus', a senior couple, came by and gave me some returning home instruction. That was fantastic, I really liked that. We went about the rest of the day around the town and in the evening we had a fancy smancy dinner, so I wore my kilt. Obviously. 

     Sunday we went to church, where I was given a surprise to give a quick talk. That was lovely and church was great. After, we went out and about, chatted to folk in the town, had a dinner, and then did some work to wind down in the evening. 

     It was a great week, I enjoyed it all. Today, we're thinking of going to the Mull of Galloway, the Southern most tip of Scotland. It's going to be great! Also, it's my birthday or something today. That's neat.

     Everyone, have a great week! Take care, ya'll!

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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