Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weekly Update #95

   A good morning from the far south of Scotland! Shia surprise, I got moved and they sent me to Stranraer. It's a pretty neat place, but let me tell you about this week.

     Monday was good! We did the usual Monday things and we tried to find this lighthouse and cliffs, but got a bit lost and found some Shetland ponies instead. 

It wasn't cold enough for them to have sweaters. After that, we had an FHE and the evening was done.

     Tuesday was grand as well. We went about doing work for most of Tuesday, visiting a friend in the evening. That was it. Work and good craic.

     On Wednesday we started off with the Quilting group, which was nice. We had a good time there. After, it was mainly working and then we had a dinner and then visited a family until the end of the night. It was grand. 

     Thursday morning we started off by watching a broadcast for all the missionaries, and it was nice. A few things were changed, but I'm alright with it. It isn't anything major or super big. After that, we went to Whalsay, another island, and did some work out there. Taking the ferry there was fun and we did quite a bit of walking in the wind while we were out and about. It was good! Then, we finished the evening off with a dinner with a family. It was good.

     Friday was the day of the news. We got it Friday evening, but during most of Friday we were out and about, doing some work and visiting a few people. When we got the news, it was pretty tough. Elder Giles didn't really want to go and I didn't either. But, it had to happen, so we made it so. 

     Saturday and Sunday were both bitter-sweet. We helped Saturday morning peeling some potatoes for the Burn's Supper that evening. We told the folks we were helping that we were moving. After, we visited one of our friends and told him as well. It was tough. We then visited with a family, had a nice conversation with them, but also had to inform them of the move. Then, at the Burn's Night, everyone else found out. It was a good meal and evening, I wore a kilt! After that, we went to the Youth Cafe and told all the people there as well. 

     Sunday, we bore our departing Lerwick testimonies, had a lunch, said goodbye to a few more families, then we caught the ferry and were off. Me and Elder Giles took our final selfie. 

     I am going to miss those islands. The Shetland Islands. They're a fantastic place that God created. What a blessing it has been to have been able to serve there, to learn about the culture, to been able to meet those fantastic people. Sheltand has its own special home in my heart.

     Monday was mainly travel. We docked in Aberdeen, drove down to Glasgow without a SatNav, I got on a train with Elder Ritchie, and we took a train to Stranraer where I unpacked and we met a few of the members. Elder Ritchie is a champion, so far. We're totally on the same wavelength. I'm excited.

     Today we visited with a friend and came to email. That is that.

     Thank you so much for the support! I wish you all the best! Take care and have fun!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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