Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly Update #94

     A good morning from the magic Shetland Islands!

     The rest of Monday was great! We went to find this cave, only to discover it was a seacave and we didn't have a boat. So, we took pictures and saw some pretty neat cliffs. 

After, we went shopping and went to a fantastic FHE where we had some fun with lights and exposure times on cameras. I don't have any pictures from that, but hopefully I will get some!

     Tuesday we started off with a grand District Meeting. After that, we had our lunch and then went out and about to do some work. That was most of Tuesday, just doing work. It was grand.

     Wednesday was fun. We started with the quilting group but as we were leaving some joiners came in to do some work on the building, so we stuck around to make sure no mischief was brought up. After that, we went by one of our friends and visited him. We finished up the evening with some work and whatnot.

     Thursday we weekly planned, then went about to do work, like the usual. And sheep. Here's me and some sheep. 

This reminded me of Thurso. But after sheep and all that, we went over the a family's house for dinner and it was fantastic. I was a fan of it.

     Friday we started off with work, like usual. We then went about, visited a friend, and then did a bit more work. Not a whole lot to say that we did that was extraordinary. 

     On Saturday we had a blast. We went over to one of our friend's house, helped him clean and move some furniture around, and then we had a lunch. While there, he warned us not to go into the main town, because there was an anti-Trump march going on. I thought it was funny. After, we went to a family's house, had a pleasant visit with them and then we went to the Youth Cafe and closed out the evening. 

     Sunday was good! There were a nice number of people who showed up for Church and the classes were grand. After, we had a lunch, did a bit of work, stopped by and visited another firend, and then we had dinner at a family's house. Now, I am obliged to inform you of this, because the mother in this family told us we had to mention it in our weekly emails. After dinner and dessert, the kids wanted to play a game. So, they got the game Gas Out. For those who do not know, Gas Out is a game where there's thing sound machine in the center of the table, you play a card with a number on it, press the machine a certain number of times. However, after a random ammount of pushes, it will make a pretty massive fart noise, indicating that the player who last pressed it is now out, and so on until there's one left. I loved the game, I really did. I didn't win, but I had fun. Elder Giles did, too. So did the family. 

     That was my week! Thank you all for the support, emails, prayers, I hope you all have a wonderful week! Cheers!


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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