Monday, January 2, 2017

Weekly Update #90

A good wintery morning from the wonderful island of Shetland! Christmas is done and dusted, and it was pretty neat, let me say. 

     The rest of Monday was grand. I went out and about with Elder Guymon in Aberdeen and that was most of that day. Pretty slow and calm. Some of the pictures here are of the neat lighthouse we saw last week and of Frankie's, that famous fish and chips place we went to with Arave and Harvey.

     Tuesday we traveled down to Edinburgh and had an All-Scotland Conference. That was fantastic, because it was more like a Christmas party than anything else. It was grand! In the evening, we caught the train back to Aberdeen.

     Wednesday was another day in Aberdeen. We went around with Elders Guymon and Forbush and we had a right proper good time doing so. In the evening we got on the ferry to head back up to Lerwick.

     Thursday morning we arrived and it was a right proper gale. The wind was blowing and it was nuts. We got back to the flat, visited some friends, and then had dinner at a member's house. It was grand!

     Friday was gusty as well. In fact, pretty much everyday except today has been bretty gusty. Like, 90 mph winds type gusty. It's pretty fun, dodging roof-tiles, trying to walk against the wind, trying to stand. It was pretty fun.

     Saturday was Christmas Eve! That was grand. We listened to Christmas music, did some work, and then the Church had a fantastic Christmas Eve Carol service, which was spectacular. We then made gingerbread houses. Elder Giles' was pretty good looking, mine had some issues. But, being super creative, I made the best of it. It was grand.

     Christmas was on Sunday, and it was great. We went to a member's house for breakfast, which was spectacular as well, and then went to church. After, we went to a family's house for the rest of Christmas. It was fantastic. I Skyped with my family and whatnot and it was all fantastic. We had a blast as well.

     Monday was Boxing Day/Feast of Stephens, which was also grand! We did a wee bit in the morning, then went to some friend's house and then went to a member's house for FHE, which was also spectacular! It was a great week all round.

     Today, is P-day. We've got to clean, shop, and whatnot, but we've got some good things planned. It is going to be bueno, let me say.

     Thank you all for the support and everything else! I hope you all have had a very Merry Chirstmas, and ya'll should have a Happy New Year! 


Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
In the name of progress!

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