Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Weekly Update #8

   Greetings from the fair city of Dublin!
     First to note, every first Monday of a month is a bank holiday, so libraries are closed. That means emails shall be sent on the following Tuesday. Thus why you're getting this today.

     To kick things off, some people are no fun. For example: Those who don't keep commitments or those who disregard appointments and replace talking about eternal salvation with going to a pub. We had seven appointments set at the start of the week, and everyone fell through. It's fine, though! We still had three lessons and a new investigator, so progress is made. 

     Tuesday was neato. It was moves week, so no district meeting, but we had three of the seven appointments fall through on this day. Wednesday we ate at Boojum's again, this time we were inside during the rain. We also did a hefty game of chair football with most of the Elders and Sisters in our Zone. It was excellent. Three appointments fell through on Wednesday. We also met a rather intoxicated man who said seven or so times "do you know what the Catholic Church doesn't say?" but never told us what they don't say. I want to know, I really do. Please... Tell me...

     Thursday was a day of fun. On Wednesday we scrambled around trying to find a joint teach for a lesson. We finally found one and celebrated by going to sleep. The seventh of our appointments cancelled, but we still taught folks! Bueno! Also, Pizza Hut again. Attached are some pictures!

     Friday. Let me tell you about Friday. On Friday, we were out and about survey finding when we ran into this gent. As we stopped him, we soon learned that he was from London, he was drunk, and apparently he was on the run from under covered officers (FBI he claimed), and only had five minutes to chat. Quite odd, let me say. He then proceeded in telling us his philosophy about life, princesses, life, how he was called by the Good Lord to hunt after the Devil's Disciples, and whatnot. To say the least, it was an interesting conversation. He shared with us his philosophy on life: "You're born into the world with nothing, you leave the world with nothing. Tick-tock." Wisest words from a fellow like that, if I'm to say. Half an hour later, he said goodbye and left us with a final statement, "Boys, boys, good boys, you've really touched me. Thanks for sharing, and may the Good Lord bless you. All respect to you, boys. There's tears in me eyes, y'know now. I'll try not to cry as I head to Frankfort. Tick-tock." Twenty steps later: "Boys! I changed my mind, I found a hankie. All respect!" This is my highlight of the week.

     Saturday came and went like other days and we met with the chap who's a personal trainer and he promptly attempted to destroy our bodies. Zuu is a rough work-out. It destroys all your muscles at once. Avoid it as best you can. This Wednesday we'll be meeting with him and trying to get him as an investigator, so fun!

     On Sunday, we hiked around and WE FOUND ELVIS! WHOOOOOO! That was great news. He's a swell fellow, though he had his family over and it looked like he was a leader of the Romanian mob. Slightly dodgy, but jolly nonetheless. 

     Monday there was a ward picnic that we attended and stuff happened, it was great, overall. This week was a good week. Really enjoyed it and really enjoyed seeing the tender mercies of the Lord. Hope for the best this week.

     And photos! The following are the foods of the Pizza Hut. 

The next one is a view from my desk. The tennis ball is Coach, then we have Jesus telling me that I can do it and a fox cause foxes. 

The final one is Herbert the Joyless Duck. It's an advertisement from Cadbury about their chocolate puddles, and Herbert is in the corner. He doesn't look happy and the ad says 'Discover the joy of puddles'. 'Tis odd, methinks.

     That's all! Hope all is well for ya'll and hopefully you have jolly weeks!

God Speed

Elder Kinville

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