Monday, June 29, 2015

Tender Mercies Take 2

People are good. I know that this doesn't always seem like truth, but it really is.

My Mom woke up Sunday morning to a text from an unknown number. This is what the text consisted of:

We kind of love that Elder Kinville's eyes are closed. His eyes are generally closed in about 80% of his pictures.

When my Mom asked who had sent the text, the response that she got:

"The Hunter family from Arizona. We are in Ireland and got to meet your elder today. he's doing great and so engaged in the work. You have every reason to feel proud of him. Happy Sabbath."

Seriously!?!?! Obviously this family has had a missionary out  in the past or currently and knew what this would mean to a Mother. What a blessing! It makes me want to run around town and take pictures of all of the Elders and text them to their Moms.

People are good.

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