Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekly Update #11

A lovely afternoon from the fair city of Dublin! This week was jolly and fantastic, so let's hit it off.

     To start with, while shopping Elder Oldham purchased a chess set. We have thus begun to play chess during meals and on P-days. We've plated ten games thus far, three ending with draws and one ending with a loss for me, with the remaining six ending in victories. To say the least, Elder Oldham isn't pleased and continues to bring balance to the game.

     On Wednesday, we had to use some heavy artillery with an investigator. We have a good brother in our ward who lays down the law when it comes to teaching and we bring him on joint teaches when the law needs to be stated and enforced. The joint teach went over well, to say the least. We've been blessed in the Terenure ward to have an excellent pool of members to teach with who are willing and prepared to do so. 

     Thursday was a day of service. We started off mowing the bishop's garden and weeding it a wee bit. We then went to chop down the other half of the bushes mentioned last week. After that, we were scheduled to meet with an investigator, but it fell through. Never the less, we continued on to do some finding and whatnot. We also received two referrals, one from HQ and the other from a neighbouring area.

     So, the next day we contacted the referrals. The one from HQ turned out to be some lads being cheeky while the other is a different story. On September the 28th, whoever will be serving in the Terenure area will have the opportunity to speak to a theology society at a local university, followed by a Q&A. This... This makes me want to do all in my power to stay in the Terenure area just to present this. But no matter what happens, I wish the best to those Elders. The concluded this day with a barbeque at a member's house. Our Polish training friend was there, but fortunately we were in proselyting clothes and could not work out.

     On Saturday we continued our service with the hedges and taught a few more lessons. Not much happened on that day. But Sunday made up for it! On Sunday we went on splits. I went with a member to teach the notorious Elvis. While we waited for him, a lady came up and asked which ward we were at. We responded the Terenure ward and she asked about boundaries. We explained that we were on the boundary and she lived in the Finglas area. She asked if we knew the bishop's number for the Finglas ward, but I did not so I gave her the number to the Finglas Sisters. Hopefully contact was made and she was able to figure it out. We did not find Elvis again, but we did meet her, which made the journey worth it. We then ended splits, and continued the day. We concluded with some stir-fry, see the first photo.

     To deal with Sunday, Happy Father's Day to the fathers! There's a picture attached dealing with that.

     Today, we went to Dublina, a cathedral/mediaeval structure that doubles as a museum. It was fun to learn about Vikings and they're dealing's with Dublin. There was also a tower that we climbed to the top of, which was great again.

     Anywho, I think that's about it for the week. Thankful for the many blessings and opportunities I've had to serve thus far in my mission. I look forward to those that are to come as well! The Rathgar Sisters asked me if I prayed for odd things to happen to us everyday. I responded that I did not, but I'm sure glad they happen. The mission would be slightly less exciting if those random-happen-stances didn't happen. 

     Thanks for all the prayers, mine are with you all.
God Speed 

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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