Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekly Update #10

 Cheers from Ireland! Emailing on Tuesday because we had a Zone Development yesterday that ya'll will get the chance to hear about a wee bit later.

     To start craic off, Tuesday. On Tuesday we had an all Ireland conference for missionaries with President and Sister Brown. I also was able to catch up with Elder Arave, Elder Thayne, Elder Van Staden, Sister Buttars, and Elder Halverson from my MTC group!

 (To make a quick note: all the last names are "spelling errors" according to the spellchecker). Also there, I was able to meet my uncle (another Elder trained by my trainer's trainer) and cousin (my uncle's trainee) and we took a picture of Elder Walker's (my grandad/trainer's trainer) posterity. 

It was fantastic. The addresses given by the senior couples and President and Sister Brown were great as well and definitely will be applied in my mission to make me a better Elder.

After that, we went to a member's house to have a lovely dinner.

     After that, I bought a coconut. What did I do with the coconut? Well, in our flat we had some limes as well. So, I took the lime, squeezed it's juice into the coconut, and drank it all up. Worth it? I think so. 

     Wednesday was good. We taught an investigator who is so close to baptism, it isn't even funny. She just needs to go to church. Anywho, Wednesday was all well and went superbly.

     On Thursday I had the opportunity to trim the garden and hedges for a ward member. We went in, Elder Oldham went off to trim the grass while I went to prune some trees. In the end, I felt like I had deforested half a Brazilian rain forest with all the branches I cut off. It's a good thing we'll be going back this Thursday to deforest the other half. The hedges and garden is looking really swell, though. It gets better looking everyday. We then taught a less active member and did some planning and all that fun Jazz.

     On Friday we went on exchanges with Bray area and I left Terenure for a wee bit. Off in Bray, we first visited a less active gent. After talking, discussing, listening, talking, listening, listening, listening, bearing testimony, listening, discussing, and listening we finally left the house and rushed off to the next appointment. Now, to say a bit about this gent who we did all the above with: he is in his forties, but he plays video games like he is a teen. His flat wasn't in the best of conditions, and the main thing I got from the visit was that I do not want to be like that when I'm forty. Half the reason why I think he is that way is because he isn't married. Who knows? The rest of Friday went off well.

     Meanwhile, in Terenure, Elder Oldham and Holman went off and taught a lesson about the plan of salvation to the Zuu personal trainer we ran into and his family. From what I've heard, it went as good as a lesson could go. I am sad that I couldn't go, but I'm alright that it was still done. We're still meeting with him to destroy our bodies and this Friday we'll meet with him again.

     Saturday was a blast. I can't recall if I've mentioned our Philippine friend who feeds us every Saturday night, but this time was different. When we went, he had two of his friends over and it quickly became a lesson that ended with two new investigators. To say the least, we have been blessed this week with so many good things. It is magical, marvelous, and splendid. We also took back to the flat plenty of leftover food, from which I had another chicken feast. 

     Sunday went about as most Sunday's do. It was fast Sunday due to Elder Holland's address last Sunday. After church and whatnot, we visited the brother in the hospital and played a jolly game of chess with him. It went over well enough for me and Elder Oldham. I enjoyed it and the gent did as well.

     On Monday, I went to my first Zone Developement! That went over lovely and I got a bit of a sunburn from being outside kicking around a yoga ball.

     This week has been a blast. So many great things, so many blessings. Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts. I hope you all have a excellent week and that you too can feel the blessings of our Heavenly Father.

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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