Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekly Update #9

 A good day to you all from Dublin! This week was loaded with things, so let's get down to business.

     Tuesday went decently. I went into a Starbucks for my first time to teach someone. Unfortunately, they did not show up. Sad day, I do say. Anywho, that's about it for Tuesday.

     Wednesday was great, to say the least. We met with the jolly Polish trainer who I am now thoroughly convinced that he is trying to kill me via working out. Now, to say a bit about this: I love that man to death, kid you not, and the workouts he is having us do are intense and well worth every bit of strain. 'Tis mucho bueno. Sister Alleman (Or Allaman, I really don't know how it is spelt) also gave him an English Book of Mormon. The only problem was he can't read English well enough. We'll STP later. We then got some burritos, went to the park, and watched pigeons as they ate the rice Elder Oldham didn't want to eat. There was this one tenacious fellow, Rodrick, who fought off most of the pack. There was also Nick, Mack, Nicky, Jerry, Thompson, Joey, and Billy. Pigeons are fun, let me tell you. Then, there was a spider in our room. Now, this isn't a tiny mini spider, this chap was a Goliath.

After capturing the beast in a pint glass, we attempting to flush it down the toilet, but it resisted. Finally, after waiting for a period of time, we banished the beast into the Dublin sewage system. 

     Thursday went over very well! We taught someone in the park and then we went to a family's house for dinner. Now, this family has two young boys, aged two and four. They are madness. Also, they both can speak German because the father is German. It is so swell, to say the least, because the youngest mixes German and English together in the same sentence. Nevertheless, we had a good lesson with them and then exchanged. 

     For our exchange, I was to lead the Terenure area with Elder Holman, our District Leader, along side. It went great! We did the Zuu workouts in the morning, we studies while his stomach made much noise, and then we went to teach a person but the appointment fell through. Probably the largest of disappointments, but we also did some survey finding. While survey finding, we talked with a Muslin who was a boss. To preface, a week or so before this occurred Elder Oldham turned on a seminar thing about Muslims from an LDS standpoint. During the course of our conversation with this fellow, he asked me what I knew about Mohammad. Due to the listening of the seminar, I was able to answer him. It was a bueno day.

     Saturday we thought we lost our phone. So, we went to the chapel to do some workouts with other missionaries and when we got back to the flat we could not find the phone. We tore the flat apart until we decided that it must be at the church. Unfortunately, the other missionaries had the keys as well, so we needed to get to them to get the keys then the phone but we needed a phone to tell them to meet with us and it was a paradox. So, we made plans to go to a payphone (or if you hear the story from Elder Oldham it was going to be a member's house) to contact them. As we were getting ready to leave, the phone rang. It was a wrong number call, but nevertheless it was a tender mercy to have our phone and to not have spent a morning trying to recover it from where it wasn't. Life is good. Later, we visited the Polish friend again! We also met one of his Italian friends and we'll possibly be hopefully helping him to learn a bit more English. The workout was great and we were able to give him a Polish Book of Mormon. He thanked us but told us that he could not promise us that he would read it, because he honestly didn't know if he would be able to find time to read it. On Friday, we hope to be able to talk with him again with the Alla[e]man's to resume our work. 

     Sunday is the big day. On Sunday, we had a Northern Europe Area conference with Elder Jeffery R. Holland. To say the least, it was a spiritual feast. The other speakers were great and marvelous, but Elder Holland brought it home. For the most part, it was like his talk "Safety For the Soul", but add an additional thirty minutes to it and everything else that makes life good. He stated that if The Book of Mormon was false, then Christ didn't exist because in essence the Book of Mormon is the only book that has yet to be proven false, therefore it stands as the primary witness of Jesus Christ. It's not online yet, but I want it to be so I can read it again. He had plenty of other things to go along with it, like stating how the Book of Mormon came about and how it would be impossible to produce such a work without divine help. It was so good. 

     And that was this week! Attached are several drawings I've done when I had time to do so. 

     Have a great week!

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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