Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekly Update #7

  Greetings from indecisive Ireland! Y'know what they say in the song: love and the weather can't be depended upon. Which holds true, at least the last bit. But this week has been a blast.

     Attached are pictures from this week. There are others, but they will be sent in separate emails.

     Monday was exciting, as you all know. Our landlord dropped by to open our flat and let us in after we were locked out. When we entered, we ate a delectable meal of smoked Norwegian salmon and brie cheese and some rice crackers. Mucho pictures have been attached for viewing convenience. 

After that, the day waned on as it normally does.

     Tuesday was the last district meeting of the transfer. It was also Sister Foster's last district meeting. Our district is composed of Elder Beveridge, Elder Holman (District leader), Sister Foster, Sister Wilkin, Elder Oldham, and this chap named Elder Kinville. 

After, we had district lunch at Boojum's, a Mexican burrito place. When we arrived, it was sunny, but it quickly turned to downcast and began to rain. We were sitting outside, so we ate some burritos in the rain.

We then taught a nice lady who came to church last week, not yesterday. She was fairly receptive, but there's still work to be done.

    Wednesday. We met a personal trainer that day. Elder Oldham said we needed to GQ into a personal trainer and start talking to him. Enter one of the Allaman's friends from Poland. We ran into him while doing service for the Allaman's and we asked for some morning exercises. To our humor, he showed us. But on Friday night, to our horror, we learned how much of the body is worked from these simple things. To say the least, we are in pain and sore. But, we must endure to the end.

     Thursday, I can't remember. But on Friday, we had the chicken feast! 

Yes, it was cooked in a crock pot; yes, it was incredibly fancy; yes, we did eat the chicken feast. That was marvelous. 

     There was a rainbow after a rainstorm, 

we drove on some back roads when we borrowed the car for the day to try-by referrals,

 there was a vote in Ireland on same-sex marriage, 

we drove by The Bleeding Horse, famous pub, 

and plenty of fun times. We also found a hobbit door. This door is a bit shorter than I am and my hand is on the handle in the middle.

     Thus concludes the excitement of this week. It has been jolly good thus far and I am excited for the next six weeks of this transfer! 

     Remember, every journey, great and small, starts with one step. So make it a good one.
God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

These pictures are from the previous times!

The first one is me and my grandpa (my trainer's trainer), Elder Walker, who's also the Dublin Zone Leader!

The second is part of downtown Dublin! Cause, Dublin.

The third are those who were there at my kebabtism! 

The fourth is me eating my kebab.

You have been spammed by pictures now.

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