Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Update #6

Cheers from yet another internet cafe, this time in the Rathmines area of Dublin!

     This week has been incredible. One of the things I mentioned last week was the crazy string of events that happened Saturday or whenever. Imagine a whole week like that. Also, we were on the Hunt for Elvis.

     But to preface all of this; as of now we are locked out of our flat. In the flat happens to be my camera. Which translates to a lack of pictures this week. Lesson learned: DON'T FORGET YOUR FLAT KEYS EVER! And never trust your companion to remember. 100% sure that there's a scripture about putting your trust in the Lord rather than man.

     So on Monday, I got kebabtised! A kebab is a Turkish peta type bread with mysterious meat (which is probably why it's banned by the FDA in the US), vegetables, seasonings and sauces, and some other delicious stuff. It was excellent and I loved it! So good, let me tell you. After Monday, we ran into a member from California who's a pilot and was on a layover in Dublin. That was neat as cheese.

     Tuesday was a district meeting where we talked district stuff and made plans to be spectacular this next week, which we were. While survey finding in St. Stephen's Green, we ran into a lady who was too busy so we passed her a card. As we walked away, she called back saying something to the effect of "Oi! Get back here, you haven't told me what a Mormon is!" We got the info so life is bueno there.

     Speaking of bueno, there is a candy bar here called a bueno and they are mucho bueno! Kid you not.

     Wednesday took forever, Tuesday too. I can't remember much from Wednesday, frankly. So, it happened. We taught a Brazilian chap who identified us as servants of Christ. That. Is. Phenomenal. Kid you not.

     Thursday and Friday were pretty speedy. We instituted a constitution for the Cat Game Thursday night, with assistance from the Council. You'll see the Council in due time. Meaning next week. We have five or more games we play through the week as we travel, tract, GQ, and all that fun Jazz. I'll explain more later. On Friday, we ran into the chap from the end of the chain of events on Grafton Street. That was fun, but the funnest thing was that night. We were dead tired when we decided to call some potentials. We called this Brazilian woman who was interested and she agreed on a meeting time for Saturday and she was bringing a friend! So, that's neat. We met with them and they both are interested.

     After that, we got a text from a less active member who wanted to meet with us on Tuesday. That blew us away. On Sunday, an African woman walked in during sacrament and sat down. We thought she was this woman who we had called Friday and invited her to church, but it turned out to be someone who was walking by the day before and decided to see what we were all about! That was incredible and whatnot.

     Then, while walking to a member's house for a meal appointment, we were stopped by this gent who wanted to know what we were all about and what we believed. We explained, got his info, and will be trying by for a return appointment. 

     On Saturday, we decided to eat at Pizza Hut. It was the fanciest Pizza Hut experience of my life. The starter belonged to a five star restaurant as did the price of our meal for two.

     Now, for the moment you've waited for. The Hunt for Elvis. We received a referral for a gent from a dodgy part of Dublin. All we knew was his name was Elvis. So, we headed out on Tuesday and tried to locate him. His After stopping by what we thought was his flat, and being frightened for our lives (At least I was), we discovered it wasn't his flat and we joked about finding Elvis. After knocking at his flat and finding no one, we decided to devote Thursday to the locating of Elvis. We tracted the entire street he lived on. When we reached his flat, a neighbor of his answered followed by one of his friends. His friend was rather contentious and intellectual, to say the least, but we avoided a major bash by stating what we believed repeatedly. After a bit, he got flustered and entered the flat. Goes to show how two young lads can confound the wise by bearing of testimony and simple truths.

     Overall, this week has been full of blessings. We've done a lot of finding and we still got a ton more to do to keep up our pool of investigators and potential investigators, but I know as we make goals prayerfully and think about what's right and not who's right we'll find our goals easier to achieve than we think.

     I think that's about it for me. Hope all is well for my family, friends, neighbors, relatives, and whatnot. Have a great week.

     Also check out the signature I put together at the bottom. It's pretty neat, methinks.

God Speed

Elder Kinville

Jacob 6:12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"

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