Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekly Update #4

 Top of the morning from sunny/rainy/Catholic Ireland!

     This week has been a flipping blast. Elder Oldham is a great trainer and I am blessed to be under his watchful eye. This email is sent on Tuesday because Monday was a Bank Holiday so the libraries were closed. Quite sad, I'd say.

     Attached are six (6) pictures! The ones titled PTDC000* I'll explain in the email, but the others are when I arrived at the mission home. In the one where there's people sitting, the Elder I'm facing is my trainer, Elder Oldham. 

Second from the right on the front row is my MTC companion, Elder Halverson. Everyone else is swell and all spiritual beasts of valour.

     On Monday, while doing some door-to-door we were invited into a house for some tea and pancakes. We declined, but thanked the good woman. Just a neat experience, me thinks. Tuesday was exchanges and I went on an exchange with the District Leader, Elder Holman. He's a great Canadian. Excellent chap, let me tell you. Anywho, with him, I rode a train for two hours because he left his keys with his companion. See PTDC0001 for the selfie at the train station I took with him.

Later, we GQ'd a bit and I got to see an Irish beach! See PTDC0002 for what an Irish beach looks like. 

To put it simply, it's a bunch of rocks next to the ocean. Super swell.

     Elder Oldham told me something profound. While walking about, he pointed to a plane and asked me, "Elder Kinville, how far away would you say that plane is?" I made a guess of 15,000 feet or so. He smiled, shook his head, and said "Nope. Two years." I desire to question my trainee's in the same manner when the time comes. 

     The rest of the week went well enough. On Saturday, it rained a bunch and there was a bus strike, so walking was the primary option. I am very very grateful for my coat, satchel, and pants because they are all water resistant. On Saturday night, we ate dinner at a member's house. This chap is from the Philippines, and he is such a swell fellow! He talked fast, fed us food, then gave us the leftovers. Sadly, we could not eat all of the leftovers.

     On Sunday we went to St. Stephen's Green in Dublin and did some survey finding. All we did was walk around with a clipboard and surveyed people. This led to ten (10) great conversations and potentially one investigator. Super excited about that.

     Finally, today. Today is Tuesday. Today, I'm on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Liu. Today, I had to drive a car. See PTDC0003. Turns out, everything I thought about driving in the UK/Ireland was a lie. You CAN drive for UK/Ireland for a year after your arrival, then you need a license. Elder Liu has been in Ireland for more than a year. This left the responsibility to me.

To say the least, my prayers this day has doubled thus far, even compared to my weekly prayers. But all that corn aside, it really is fun. The cars are small, roads are small, brakes work really well, and you cannot be sleepy when you drive. Driving in Ireland is a blast, love it to death. 

     On another final note, I am doing well. I am well fed, well blessed, having plenty of fun, walking plenty, working plenty, working to bring folks to Christ, and striving to be the very best like no one ever was. To teach them is my real test, to invite is my cause. 

     So yeah! Hopefully it all goes well for you all. Thanks for the prayers/compliments/questions! Have a jolly week, and I'll see you in a week!

     God Speed 

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